a fairy-tale domain



This 18th century bourgeois residence boasts beautiful volumes in a breathtaking natural environment, with the Lac du Bourget and mountains as far as the eye can see. A majestic exterior decor and, inside, an authentic and intimate decoration reminiscent of these family homes where it is good to live.



If the house itself is already an invitation to reverie and romanticism, its exteriors are an additional charm. The Domaine des Saints Pères benefits indeed from a French-style garden planted with trees as well as delightful shaded terraces. Century-old trees surround the seasonal plantings, all in a harmony playing on the palette of greens, silver and brown.

The blue note? It comes from the swimming pool which, like a lagoon, welcomes bathing enthusiasts and offers them unforgettable moments of relaxation.

And to make your stay perfect, enjoy a buffet breakfast presented in the old kitchen, and then settle down in the small lounge or on the terrace to enjoy it softly.

Fancy a moment of relaxation? Settle down in the library and enjoy the time that passes among the most beautiful books of the Domaine.



Subtle balance between authenticity and refinement. It is however the one that the Maison Tournier has been distilling for more than seventy years.

From the creation of the bar L'Équipe in 1948, to the creation of hotels in Courchevel, Chambéry, or Saint-Tropez, everywhere our family wants to share with its guests much more than an identity: a philosophy. The one instilled from the very beginning by Joseph Tournier, eager to create places mixing luxury and conviviality, modernity and relaxation.

Here, we raise the act of receiving to the rank of art by providing you with tailor-made services, betting every day on emotion rather than ostentation. Because they respect the Savoie region which is their strength while telling the story of the mountains in a different way, our addresses have in common that little extra touch of soul which will make your stay an exceptional experience.



Eric Claret Tournier


Frédéric Chopin saw simplicity as a form of absolute success; for me it is much more than a consecration, a demand of every moment. It is what makes it necessary to do true, to be true, or what today is called "with authenticity". Simplicity also requires "doing well", with generosity, humility, and this is how we like to welcome our guests. Simplicity does not prevent us from appreciating the superfluous and the refined, because it is wrong to believe that it is ordinary; on the contrary, simplicity is the extraordinary. Finally, it is a compass that places the human at the centre, a requirement, I believe, inherent in the art of receiving.


Andrea Vegh


Our manager Andrea Elena Vegh and her team welcome the guests of the Domaine in a warm atmosphere. Conviviality and sharing are the key words of the place, and all the small possible attentions are implemented so that everyone can enjoy the setting and the serenity of this charming residence so dear to our hearts.


Carole Guyonnet

chef de cuisine

Cultivating a love of things well done, Carole Guyonnet defines her vocation as a profession of sensitivity, a supplement of soul that can be found in her plates at the Restaurant des Saints Pères. A great lover of regional products since her beginnings, she likes to work with seasonal and local dishes, to offer a refined cuisine with noble but unpretentious products.



Listed as a City of Art and History, a true cultural meeting place in the heart of Savoie, Chambéry also enjoys an exceptional natural environment.

The castle of the Dukes of Savoy masterfully dominates the town with its authentic narrow streets, and there are many listed buildings nearby. Several museums regularly put the city at the centre of cultural news and make it a Mecca of Art. Close to the Lac du Bourget and the Lac d'Aiguebelette, Chambéry is also a privileged gateway to the regional natural parks of the Chartreuse and the Bauges, as well as to the Vanoise National Park. Its proximity to the most beautiful wine estates in Savoie also makes it an attractive town for all lovers of good wines.




Aix-les-Bains offers itself to you like a jewel. Set on a blue lake and sitting in the heart of the mountains, the city asserts itself as a haven of rest and relaxation. A seaside resort with its beaches and water activities located in the heart of a simply exceptional nature.


In Annecy, every building in the old town tells a singular moment of history, from the Palais de l'Île to the Château perched on its rock, via the arcades of rue Sainte-Claire. With its magnificent lake, lively and animated, Annecy invites you to relax: bike rides along the canals, strolls on the terraces or tasting the generous cuisine, make up a menu that is always attractive.




The Lac du Bourget, so dear to Lamartine, is the largest natural lake in France. Natural, because of its glacial origin but also because its banks remain wild: its west bank has even been named côte sauvage (wild coast). Uninhabited, inaccessible by land, from the open sea it looks like an island, with its creeks and anchorages. Natural finally, because its ecosystem has been preserved. At the northern end of the lake, the reed beds are home to ducks, coots, grebes, water hens, herons and even some cormorants.

Discovering Lake Annecy is a passport to fitness and vitality, as well as to serenity and relaxation. It is first of all to contemplate an exceptional landscape, composed of blue, green and white, clear water, forests and snow. The panorama of the lake and the mountains surrounding it is gentle but nevertheless imbued with alpine character: the lake is at an altitude of 447m, but is overlooked at its highest point by the Tournette, a breathtaking armchair-shaped peak that peaks at 2351m.

Peaceful waters with multiple reflections, gentle mountain all in balconies, remarkable aquatic fauna and flora, picturesque, boat sheds, small houses on stilts, enchanting islands: the stage is set for a trip rich in sensations to discover Lake Aiguebelette!



Do you want to get some height and breathe the fresh mountain air? Savoie awaits you with its majestic landscapes and an impressive variety of activities in summer and winter. Hiking or cycling, via ferrata, alpine and nordic skiing, snowshoeing ... make you discover this region full of surprises.



Follow the tourist routes between lakes and mountains and discover the diversity and nobility of the wines of Savoy. For a long time unknown, they now rival the best vintages and accompany the dishes of the greatest chefs. The Savoy Wine Route is three circuits with strong and contrasting landscapes where vineyards, lakes and mountains mingle. To be covered on foot, by car or by bike. 23 grape varieties and 20 vintages including 3 AOC: Chignin, Apremont and Jongieux. These three itineraries will enchant you, dotted with wineries and cellars open for visits... and tasting.

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